Our Story

  We are DIVIDE THE EMPIRE, a hard rock band from St. Louis with a distinct, raw sound. Our music is a reflection of the hard rock, punk, 90's alternative, grunge, and blues that we grew up on. Bands like Bad Co., Soundgarden, SRV, Black Flag, Iggy and the Stooges, Thrice, AC/DC, D.R.I., Alice In Chains, The Black Crowes, and Tool have been the soundtrack to our lives and have molded us as musicians.
  Randy and Keith are from Belleville, Illinois and have been writing and performing together for 10+ years. Glenn and Joe grew up raising hell in O'Fallon, Missouri. We are four guys brought together by a cheezy Craigslist ad and held together by an insatiable desire to create and perform our unique groove driven style of hard rock music. Collectively our members have shared the stage with such national acts as Cracker, Aaron Lewis, Jack Russell's Great White, and Think Floyd.
  We are excited to announce that the first single, Carnival Ride, off of our third release, Three Winters Vol. II, is now available everywhere you stream or download!
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  Four guys. One sound. No excuses.
Randy Shanks - Vocals/Guitar
Glenn Hughes - Bass
Keith Thurnau - Drums/Percussion
Joe Burrow - Guitar